horrorswapfell is an undertale au inspired but Horrortale, made by @monsterousbabies on tumblr, this au is set in the underground in the neutral run, after the death of queen toriel, sans and alphys fight for the throne leaving sans the victor and newly crowned king, but this also bring the blame of the lack of food on his shoulders.

Horrorswapfell started out in 2018 as a joke between two friends that quickly gained traction, the au started with just some spins on the Horrortale universe that quickly grew and became a fanon au amongst the Tumblr of @monsterousbabies, NSFW stuff quickly became a thing, but then again, its undertale, and no the creator loves it.

The au itself Edit

the au was meant to take darker turns on how the famine would affect everyone's already disturbed personalities, leaving sans an explosive mess and papyrus a snarling animal, alphys a rageful beast, undyne locked away in her lab, and asgore guarding the ruins door. 


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